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  • Tena Wet Wipes 40 sheets

    Price: $2.90 w/ GST

    Tena Wet Wipes 40 sheets

    $2.90 w/ GST

    Tena Wet Wipes are large, soft, alcohol free sheets of wipes that come in a handy dispenser. The special fibres are moistened with a fluid designed to gently cleanse and moisturise the skin, while removing surface impurities. The wipe ensures quick, efficient and gentle perineal care at each incontinence pad change and can also be used for gentle cleansing for the whole body.

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  • Tripod Seat Walking Cane

    Price: $28.00 w/ GST

    Tripod Seat Walking Cane

    $28.00 w/ GST

    This is a lightweight walking cane which can open up into a temporary seat for short rests.
    •Plastic Seat 8” x 8”
    •Seat to Floor (Height) 20.5”
    •Handle to Floor (Height) 28”
    •Maximum Load: 80 kg

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  • Uroplast Sterile Urine Bag

    Price: $1.20 w/ GST

    Uroplast Sterile Urine Bag

    $1.20 w/ GST

    This sterile urine bed bag has a collection capacity of 2 litres, 90cm, non-return valve, push-pull type bottom T outlet, kink resistant tubing, conical connector with cap.

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  • Valens® Carborie Powder 350G

    Price: $16.00 w/ GST

    Valens® Carborie Powder 350G

    $16.00 w/ GST

    Valens Carborie® is a readily absorbed glucose polymer module produced by patented controlled depolymerization and agglomeration of cornstarch. It is a medical nutrition supplement suitable for providing extra calories to persons with increase energy needs and/or to persons who are unable to achieve sufficient energy requirements with normal diet.

    Unlike other carbohydrate module, Valens Carborie® is low in mineral & electrolytes, with low osmolality. It provides higher caloric density without exceeding osmotic balance with lower risk of osmotic diarrhea.

    Valens Carborie® is instantised, quick disperse with excellent solubility. It mixes readily with most feeding formula, food and beverages.

    Valens Carborie® is white in color and does not alter flavor of formulas, foods and beverages.

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  • Valens® Enersos MCT Oil 120ML

    Price: $16.00 w/ GST

    Valens® Enersos MCT Oil 120ML

    $16.00 w/ GST

    Enersos MCT Oil is 100% pure medium chain triglycerides. Enersos MCT Oil is a good source of calories (8.3 calories per gram) for those on a carbohydrate restricted diet. Unlike other dietary fats, Enersos MCT Oil does not require bile to be emulsified, so it is quickly available to the body as an energy source. Enersos MCT Oil is not generally considered tasty when consumed straight. Enersos MCT Oil is excellent as a salad dressing or as as added supplement in a meal replacement shake.

    Enersos is used as nutritional support in patients who has malabsorption or are critically ill, like in immunosuppression, pulmonary diseases, liver deseases, neurological injuries, cancers surgically ill patients and some infants as enteral supplemental nutrition.

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  • Valens® Myotin Powder 300G

    Price: $17.50 w/ GST

    Valens® Myotin Powder 300G

    $17.50 w/ GST

    Valens Myotein® is a protein module with high concentrated source of pharmaceutical grade protein. It is a medical nutrition supplement suitable for providing extra protein to persons with increase protein needs and to persons who are unable to achieve sufficient protein requirements with their normal diet.

    Unlike other dietary protein, Valens Myotein® is an instantised, soluble milk protein with excellent solubility throughout the pH range and with enhanced dispersibility. It mixes readily with most enteral feeding formula and beverages.

    Valens Myotein® is cream in color and with clean flavour. It does not alter flavour of formula, beverages and foods.

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  • Valens® Thixer Powder 300G

    Price: $13.20 w/ GST

    Valens® Thixer Powder 300G

    $13.20 w/ GST

    Valens Thixer® is an instant food thickening module suitable for increasing the consistency of foods and liquid. It can be used as a vehicle in commonly accepted approach to decrease dysphagic difficulties and to increase bolus consistency which leads to positive changes in oral transit time, pharyngeal responsiveness, and pharyngeal pressure.

    Unlike other thickening agents, Valens Thixer® is instantised, with excellent solubility throughout pH range and with enhanced dispersibility. It mixes readily with hot, cold, dry and wet food with no undesired lumps. Valens Thixer® is gluten & lactose free and has no added maltodextrin. (Maltodextrin may increase the glycemic index of food.)

    Valens Thixer® has clean flavor with ultra smooth mouth feel. It does not alter flavour of formulas, beverages and foods. Valens Thixer is also Microwave and Steam-table stable, Freeze-thaw Stable. After Mixing, it has excellent storage stability in

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  • Walking Stick (T Cane)

    Price: $18.00 w/ GST

    Walking Stick (T Cane)

    $18.00 w/ GST

    This walking stick is made of aluminium with a bronze finish, and has a wooden handle. It allows for adjustable height from 31 inches to 40 inches.

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